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Specializing in Primary Care Medicine
in Thurston County Since 2006

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Dr. Thomas Griffith is a graduate of the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR. His Training to become a licensed primary care physician in the State of Washington included integrative medical clerkship and residency with supervising ND's and MD's, advanced training and study in intravenous vitamin therapy, trigger point injections for pain relief, SPG Blocks for headache Relief and skin cancer checks and cancer support. 

As a 10-year survivor of stage III colon cancer, Dr. Griffith has spent considerable time in the role of patient. He strives to cultivate more humanity in his interactions with patients. A physician can fight disease, but facilitating "healing" requires building respect, trust and working together. Dr. Griffith's work with patients and their providers assures competent, complete and empowered care based on the broadest spectrum of options. He strongly believes that patients need a medical advocate as they navigate the course of their health care and he's honored that his patients give him that opportunity. 

Dr. Griffith is a native of Western Washington and has been practicing medicine in Olympia since 2006. When not caring for patients, he and his wife enjoy hiking and backpacking in the Olympics and spending time at the coast. They have three young granddaughters, and a dog and cat that keep them busy.

Scope & Methods of Practice 



Primary care: Routine wellness screening labs and physical exams, skin cancer exams, screening prostate exams, routine blood labs, EKG, blood pressure assessment, referrals for breast and colon cancer screening. With thorough work up front we can identify predisposition towards disease and avert it.

Doctor as teacher.


Use of methods including: History taking, physical examination, laboratory tests, imaging (x-rays, MRI, CT), EKG, biopsies and referral to specialists when appropriate. Dr. Griffith is committed to upholding criteria of diagnosis set by current medical knowledge and avoids the trappings of popular “disease fads.”

Treat the whole person and find the cause.


Nutritional and dietary expertise, mole biopsies, IV vitamin therapy (nutrients, hydration, chelation), injections, bio-identical hormone  prescriptions, trigger point injections for pain, spg blocks for headache relief, referrals for specialized conventional and alternative practitioners.

First do no harm!

Tom has a new home at Heart of Wellness! Visit our website to learn more.

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