Naturopathic Primary Care 

  • Allergies, Sinuses & Respiratory

  • Anemia/Iron Infusions

  • B12 Injections

  • Bioidentical Hormones Prescriptions

  • Cancer Support

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Diet and Nutrition 

  • Plant-Based Diet Education

  • EKG Testing (cardiovascular screening test)

  • Eustachian Tube Release (ear, nose & throat issues)

  • Fatigue

  • Headache Relief/SPG Block

  • Hormonal Health for Men & Women

  • In-depth Lab Diagnosis

  • IV Vitamin Therapy 

  • Medical Marijuana Recommendations

  • Men's Health & Wellness Exams

  • Muscle & Joint Pain

  • Pain Relief/TPI 

  • Referrals to Specialists & Imaging

  • Senior Health & Wellness Exams

  • Skin Cancer Checks/Biopsy

  • Supplement & Vitamin Review

  • Vaccine Accommodation Forms (for disability-related & sincerely held religious belief only) Self-pay only - not billable to health insurance.

  • Women's Health & Wellness Exams

  • Yearly Wellness Visits with Labs

Allergies, Sinus Issues & Respiratory Disease:

These issues plague most of my patients at some point in their lives, and many are unaware just how profoundly they affect overall health. Patients with chronic fatigue, chronic infection, headaches, fibromyalgia, asthma/reactive airways, and digestive problems like re-flux all benefit from simple and inexpensive naturopathic treatments. Many patients with sinus problems tell me their doctor has never even taken a look up their nose or listened to their lungs. Those of us from the Northwest know that allergy and cold and flu season here can last all year long and the symptoms can become unbearable. From simple saline rinses to inhaled nebulized glutathione, your respiratory system can be healed and you can breathe again. There is no need to suffer any longer; make an appointment with Dr. Griffith. The key to better health might be right under your nose.


“I’ve struggled with anemia all my life.” I hear this often and have to wonder WHY? Anemia due to nutrient deficiency is very simple to diagnose and treat and yet it’s allowed to demolish people’s quality of life without being addressed by their doctor. People may even attribute their problems to esoteric and often incorrect diagnosis and undergo years of useless expensive treatment. Anemia can also be a red flag for more serious conditions including cancer, so please, let us help you resolve the issue. For those who can’t tolerate oral iron or those who can’t absorb b12, we offer safe and effective IV iron and B12 shots, which are sure to correct your deficiencies. 

Cardiovascular Disease:

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S. It kills 1 in 4 people. It is also linked closely with risk of developing dementia. Tragically, most of these deaths are preventable with lifestyle and dietary modifications. Quitting smoking, reducing sugar, lowering saturated hydrogenated fat intake, increasing exercise, and boosting health with fiber and plant based nutrients can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. Prevention and patient education are main tenets of naturopathic medicine. I identify and explain the meaning of your lab results so we can indicate your risks long before they manifest. We monitor your progress over the course of years and help you steer clear of heart disease. We also have in-house EKG and use in-depth lab studies to uncover irregularities that may otherwise go undetected. Patients with existing heart disease will find viable treatment options, and those needing a cardiologist will benefit from the good relationships I have built with local and regional specialists.


Fatigue affects us all at times. It can be normal, but may also be a sign of disease that requires treatment like hypothyroidism, anemia, infection, heart disease, or even cancer. Basic lab tests can help rule out most common causes. A holistic evaluation will take into account diet, lifestyle, emotional and even spiritual health while ensuring that fatigue is not a sign of anything ominous. We can evaluate all causes: psychological, cardiological, hormonal, nutritional, infectious, etc. We can support changes in habits, prescribe medications, replenish nutrients with supplements, or even use intravenous nutrient therapies when the patient is depleted and needs more support. 


People who suffer from severe chronic headaches understand how difficult it can be to get a correct diagnosis.  They often rebound between expensive specialists, tests and treatments for months or years.  The treatments often leave much to be desired, either pain medications with diminishing value and escalating dependency and side effects or perhaps surgical options without guarantees.   Meanwhile the toll that chronic pain takes on their lives emotionally, socially and financially accumulates, and the pain becomes the only thing in life one can focus on. We see a lot of patients like this at Vital HealthCare and have success often where others don’t. 


We’ve been particularly effective when patients have been given a lazy diagnosis and the cause of headaches has been overlooked.  It’s amazing how many migraines are really sinus, TMJ or muscle tensions headaches! 


Dr. Griffith has recently been introduced to a technique for relieving 3 of the most challenging and gruesome headache syndromes:  Cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia and migraine.  The procedure is known as a sphenoid catheter nerve block (SPG Block).  It involves the insertion of a small amount of anesthetic through the nasal passages to the aggravated nerve that continually generates the pain signal.  This allows it to finally rest and reset, relieving the headache.  It may be a little uncomfortable but it is essentially pain free and can offer long lasting relief when all else has failed.   


This procedure is often fully covered by insurance or it is available at a very reasonable out of pocket price.  It takes about 20 minutes in office for long lasting relief.  After having the SPG Block, patients have reported immediate headache relief, clearer vision, light sensitivity relief, better ability to smell and an overall feeling of ease and relaxation. But hey, don't take our word for it, we encourage you to do some research on your own and when you're ready, give Dr. Griffith's office a call. 

Men’s Health & Wellness:

How is your heart and circulation? What about that cholesterol issue and the constant bulge of the belly? Who among us will escape problems with our prostate?

Guys, you haven’t been to the doctor in way too long. I’ve noticed that men often don’t see their doctor unless their wife drags them in. It’s not in our nature to seek help. These days we are bombarded with misinformation telling us that we need to be medicated if we don’t feel like an 18 year old. Terms like “E.D., low T., and andropause” are quickly becoming household language. Though treatments to correct these problems can increase quality of life, all too often I see patients whose overall health is ignored while the focus goes only to their lab values.

This is a sales pitch, meant to sell treatments like Viagra, testosterone, and ineffective nutritional supplements. It is very alluring to think that these quick fixes are “cure alls” but they carry serious potential risks if used without caution. At VHC, we exercise caution and realism first. Men have significant threats to their health that need reckoning and contribute to a dramatic decline in sexual performance. Guys, do your wife a favor and take care of your whole self so she doesn’t have to drag you in to see her doctor. Let’s talk.

Muscle & Joint Pain:

Muscle and joint pain have a wide variety of causes including infectious disease, auto-immunity, stress and tension, wear and tear arthritis, and injury to name a few. Pain can make a person miserable and impact sleep and exercise, which further compounds health problems like weight gain, depression, and cardiovascular disease risk. A patient must first be appropriately diagnosed with examination, lab testing, and possibly imaging like x-rays or CT scan. Dr. Griffith offers pain treatments that diminish the need for interventions like prescription pain meds, harmful anti-inflammatories, or surgery. Herbal and dietary control of inflammation, body work & massage, joint manipulation, trigger point injections (TPI), and IV therapies can be successful approaches even in cases of extreme pain.

Senior Health & Wellness:

Sadly, naturopaths have yet to be recognized under federal licensure and have no coverage through Medicare. In Washington state, naturopaths are unable to order labs, imaging and medical equipment for patients who receive Medicare.  For this very reason, I encourage all of our patients who are of Medicare age to have a primary care doctor who is a MD or DO. Our seniors have become largely invisible in our culture and their medical care is often poorly and dismissively administered. Drug-induced nutrient deficiencies are commonly ignored. For example, take Mr. Brown, a 75-year-old dementia patient on long-term acid blockers for re-flux. Consequently, he now also suffers from untreated B12 deficiency, a common cause of dementia. Because of poor medication management, Mr. Brown is now also at risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture due to medication. I see patients like Mr. Brown all the time.

Seniors have unique multi-factorial health issues for which lifestyle modifications and natural approaches are very well suited. To address the cause of all these problems, digestive support is key. Our digestive capacity declines with age and it influences overall health significantly. Naturopathic approaches to supporting digestion and absorption of nutrients include safe home remedies like apple cider vinegar and ginger to stimulate digestive secretions. Dietary modifications could put an end to Mr. Brown’s re-flux once and for all. Intravenous nutrient therapies can overcome the barriers and limits of digestion, while saturating a depleted system. Optimization of digestion and nutrition offers cascading health benefits, preventing disease, and yielding immediate improvement to quality of life for seniors.