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Mole or cancer? Get checked by Doc Griffith!

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

My mom passed away from melanoma. She could still be here with us today if her doctor had taken her seriously and checked her mole.

If you see a suspicious looking mole on you or someone you know (or don't know) get it looked at ASAP! Melanoma is very aggressive and invasive cancer.

See the ABCs and red flags for skin cancer below.

Don't get too attached to your mole!

Remember your skin cancer ABC’s! Red flags for skin cancer!

A = Asymmetrical lesions.

B = Borders irregular.

C = Color (More than 1 color is suspicious).

D = Diameter increasing or over 0.5 cm.

E = Elevation (A mole that gets taller is also going deeper).

Remember that any mole that is new after adulthood, changing, growing, itching, bleeding or painful, is a mole that ought to be removed and biopsied.

Melanoma is Preventable

A benign mole can become a malignant mole if one waits too long after changes occur. Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer and it is 100% preventable. Melanoma is one of the most aggressive and lethal forms of cancer if caught late.

Please come in to see me soon if you have any of the aforementioned signs.

No mole is worth getting too attached to!

Be sure to avoid excessive sun exposure by wearing and hat and protective clothing. It's smart to keep an umbrella for and a safe sunscreen in the car or on your person.


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