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Self Pay Options at Vital HealthCare

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Don't get roped into paying monthly for expensive clinic membership dues. At Vital HealthCare, our patients pay for services only when they're used, not through monthly dues.

Save money at Vital HealthCare

Self paying for your visits at Vital HealthCare Naturopathy may be idea for those who...

  • Pay their own medical bills.

  • Use medical reimbursement plans.

  • Use Health saving accounts.

  • Have a high deductible plan and want to pay less out of pocket by not billing your high deductible insurance plan.

  • Receive Medicare or Tricare medical benefits. These are federal programs and not cover naturopathy. Secondary, advantage and supplemental medicare plans also do not cover naturopathy.

Self-paying for visits, labs and procedures can save patients up to 400%!

At Vital HealthCare we have many options for self paying savvy patients to save.

  • New patient visits for $225

  • Routine/follow-up visits for $135

  • In depth blood lab panels for $110 vs $500

  • Skin Cancer biopsy for $110 vs $250

  • Trigger point injections for pain $75 vs $300 at Orthopedist

  • SPG Block headache relief for $75 vs $800 at the University of WA.

It’s critical that patients do not let their healthcare suffer just because their insurance policy doesn’t cover the medical care they need.

Giving patients a self pay discount benefits everyone by keeping the insurance company from passing the bill (and the headache) to the patient.

The self pay payment discount is always available to our patients on an as needed basis, and believe me when I say that these services are needed and are literal life savers. No need to skimp; let us help you save money.

Just ask at your next visit and we’ll hook you up!


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