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High Dose Melatonin in Cancer Patients

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

High dose melatonin is not only safe for cancer patients, in study after study it has been shown to reduce side effects of conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation while boosting their success rates.

If you study alternative medicine treatments for cancer then you know that finding strong clinical evidence from published studies is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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The Needle in the Haystack

Well... here's a needle, and its a sharp one! This study was conducted over 5 years on 212 terminally ill patients with the most common types of cancer for whom the oncologists had given no hope advising palliative symptomatic treatment only (hospice). They were prescribed high doses of melatonin nightly and somehow... "disease control (DC) was achieved in 111/212 (52%) with a regression in 16/212 (8%), and a 1-year and 5-year percentages of survival were achieved in 46% and 11%."

Personal Experience with High Dose Melatonin

As a 5 year stage IIIc colon cancer survivor, who has taken nightly high dose melatonin for several years now, I can tell you personally I've had no side effects. I'm also sleeping much sounder and not just because melatonin is helpful for maintaining healthy sleep cycles.

Don't take my word for it's safety though, in this study of exceptionally high dose melatonin for 5 years: "No biological toxicity occurred" and only "transient" mild side effects. Click on the link below to read the study.

There are those who say that alternative treatments have no merit and to them, with studies like this in hand, I say "Ha!!"

Big Pharma-Oncology and High Dose Melatonin

I'm certain the pharm-onc researchers will be making every effort to make this a patent-able synthetic blend of compounds at some point and selling it with a giant marketing campaign that includes a well funded widespread effort to scare patients from taking melatonin as a supplement.

My advice to anyone battling cancer is to call us at Vital HealthCare and let me help you by sorting through the haystack for you.

Study - Five year survival with high dose melatonin and cancer


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