• Dr. Thomas Griffith

You Are What You Eat

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I had a chance to reconfirm the reason why buying Organic produce makes sense. The other day I ate an orange from Costco, the brand was Bee Sweet. It looked like any other orange but on chewing it had the texture of latex but with less flavor.

It's Best to Buy Organic When It's an Option

Our Oranges are Fertilized with Poo!

I was kind of appalled at the total lack of flavor or any sign that this thing had ever been alive, so I decided to research the company. Turns out Bee Sweet oranges from California are fertilized with "bio-solids" which is green talk for human feces.

Lovely. If that wasn't enough I also discovered that they irrigate using the cheapest water source they can find - petroleum industry grey water. Yep....

Do yourself a favor if you still think it doesn't matter, go find yourself a nice heirloom organic orange and slice it up for a taste test with one of Bee Sweet's "oranges" and let me know if you notice a difference. Bon Appetite!


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