• Dr. Thomas Griffith

Going Against the Grain

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I'm going against the grain by advocating more whole grains in the diet! Despite popular diet fads that demonize grains the evidence continually disproves their opinions and advice.

Try to Eat Three Servings of Whole Grains Everyday

Forget Fad Diets and Advice From the Internet

Stop taking your medical advice from the internet! That goes for doctors and nutritionists out there who haven't done their own research and tell patients to stop eating grains.

Check out this article from "Medicine" which reviews studies on grain intake consisting of over 780,000 patients. This huge study dwarfs any evidence against grains and demonstrates clearly inverse associations of intake of whole grains with risk of mortality from all-cause, cardiovascular, and coronary heart disease.

Another recent meta analysis review showed that "compared with persons who ate the lowest level of whole grains, individuals consuming 48 to 80 g whole grain/day had a 26% lower risk of type 2 diabetes"!

Lifestyle Changes - Eat More Whole Grains

The more whole grains you eat, the less likely you are to die. That's the facts and the evidence is clear. I challenge anyone to show me a study that rivals the power and scale of this one showing otherwise.

Study - Consumption of Whole Grains is a healthy choice!


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