• Dr. Thomas Griffith

Where's the Beef... Been?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Nearly every week I come across reports of contaminated meet being recalled by the FDA.

We've all seen the video footage of the abuse to animals in slaughter houses, the horrific working conditions for the folks who work in the meet industry and the bleaching processes etc that our meet products go through before being packaged up for our consumption.

Trade in Your Beef for Beans

Where's the beef? A better question would be where has the beef been?

Yet another reason to reduce beef consumption. Giant agri-business practices and slacking regulatory oversight have created a virtual cesspool of the food supply.

12 MILLION POUNDS of potentially contaminated beef - tells the story of what happens when farming and animal husbandry reach such massive scale.

In the future you'll want to know your farmer, trade in your beef for beans and eat your veggies.

Plant based living is better for our planet and for us!

Are you interested in learning more about living a plant based life? If so, come see Dr. Griffith. He's been living a plant based life for nearly 4 years and he has seen drastic health changes in himself and in the patients he's coached.

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Live longer and feel better!

Report - 12 Million Pounds Beef Recalled


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