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Put the "CARE" back into your HealthCare

The medical landscape has been radically shifting in the last few years. You’ve probably noticed that it’s become harder to be seen by a doctor at all, or harder yet, one who even knows who you are.

We look forward to CARING for you soon!

Small private practices are being gobbled up by large corporate healthcare behemoths, and physicians find themselves unhappy in a system that dictates how they practice and how fast they crank through patients.

Others have decided to form concierge practices for a premium price, offering health care that used to be standard. Some abandon primary care all together, offering in its place a medical spa, but avoiding the messy needs of the typical patient for a boutique atmosphere.

Our Commitment

At Vital HealthCare we are committed to providing excellent holistic primary care and forming a long term relationship built with honestly and trust. Our model will succeed because we are content in staying small and personal. We know that a medical practice should not be a “business model” that dictates the bottom line profit over a patient’s care and needs.

We believe in healthcare that takes care of both the practitioner and the patient. Patients know the difference as soon as they walk in. Here’s a list of services we provided at no extra cost for our patient:

  1. Lengthy visits to answer questions and provide education.

  2. A friendly person answering and returning your calls in a timely manner.

  3. Wellness visits and labs completely covered by insurance.

  4. Referrals to quality specialists, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic.

  5. Reasonable self-pay rates and low cost labs for those who are uninsured, plagued with high deductibles or receiving Medicare or Tri-care benefits.

At Vital HealthCare, our patients will never pay for expensive membership fees, expensive out-of-pocket labs, or excessive supplement regimens.

We look forward to caring for you soon!

Be well,

Doc Griffith

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