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Beets, Pink Urine & Stomach Acid

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Garden Beets
Take The Beet Test to Test Your Stomach Acid

The article below discusses a simple test to determine if you are secreting enough acid in your stomach to actually digest and absorb nutrients.

This simple tests helps to identify both functional and genetic hypochlorhydria (low stomach acidity).

This paper is a bit heady for most and done on poor little lab rats, but it’s point is clear: The pink betacyanin pigment found in beets should be fairly well broken down to a colorless form by stomach acid. That means it shouldn’t be showing up in your urine after you eat beets.

How simple is that as a functional way to assess the adequacy of stomach acid output and hence digestive capacity at home? Simply eat some delicious beets, drink some water and wait for nature to call.

If your urine turns light pink, you are in need of some digestive support. Try this simple test at home and if the water runs pink, schedule a visit at and we’ll make sure we get your digestion back in gear.

Be well,

Doc Griffith

Study - Beeturia

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