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Dr. Stanley Jacob, "father of DMSO”, Passes at 91.

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Dr. Stanley Jacob, my friend, mentor and the “Father of DMSO”, passed away January 17th, 2015, ten days after celebrating his 91st birthday with friends and family. The first time I met Stanley was in 2006. We spoke over the phone when he called me at 5 am after I had sought him out to learn more about DMSO from the world’s indisputable foremost authority. Stanley was in his mid 80’s at the time and he apologized for waking me but explained that he had to call early because he would be spending the entire day hard at work and would not be able to take a break later in the day – he always called me at 5 am thereafter. Stanley worked 6 days per week from 5 am – 6 pm till he was 90 years old, compiling every shred of research he could find on DMSO, at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, where he had been a long term staff and faculty member.

Stanley’s story and credentials are rivaled in length only by that of his favorite molecule DMSO ( for more information about Dr. Jacob and DMSO). He stumbled upon his life’s work when he was head of the organ transplant department at OHSU and discovered DMSO’s ability to penetrate the skin and tissues like water through sand. It was being used commonly (and still is) to preserve transplant tissues and protect them from the cold temperatures they had to be exposed to. Dr. Jacob's eureka moment blossomed into a lifetime passion for DMSO. He published many peer reviewed articles and books, and was featured in a 60 Minutes episode that literally went viral in the 70’s shutting down phone lines to OHSU due to the heavy call volume to his office. Stanley’s work eventually led to FDA approval of DMSO as a pharmaceutical treatment for chronic bladder inflammation. Thank goodness for his perseverance in the face of the adversity that he faced from the backlash that resulted when he tried to share his enthusiasm for DMSO and what he saw as a revolutionary shift in the treatment of chronic disease.

I have now studied DMSO intently for over 15 years and have become a believer in it’s ability to profoundly, potently and safely impact disease processes involving inflammation, swelling, pain, infection, oxidation and lack of circulation. This pretty much covers most chronic degenerative disease including major killers like coronary artery disease, stroke, cancer, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, as well as autoimmunity and many painful musculo-skeletal conditions. I have become a true believer thanks to the lifelong faith and dedication of Stanley Jacob MD. I share his faith that in time his discovery and the truth of DMSO’s effectiveness for many different conditions will come to the surface despite the medical climate and economics of our time. I will also be doing my part to keep the truth coming. The US medical system is not ready to endorse an orphaned drug that cannot be patented as a natural compound and could stand to replace a multitude of drugs safely and cheaply.

Two months prior to his passing, I went to visit Stanley who had been in long term nursing care after a hip fracture. I had recently discovered a handful of articles by a Vietnamese researcher, Ba X. Hoang, demonstrating dramatically significant benefit of DMSO and sodium bicarbonate IV infusions for patients suffering cancer pain, Biliary Adenocarcinoma, and Metastatic Prostate Cancer. To my knowledge these are the first such clinical trials of DMSO for cancer. I knew that Stanley was suffering with some dementia since being bedridden and out of the game he loved so much, I had not seen him in months and was afraid I was too late to share this new research with him. He lay sleeping in bed, thin as a rail, and I approached quietly. With some apprehension, I whispered his name, “Stanley… Stanley… Stanley”. No response but a muffled snore.

I waited silently for him to wake for about 20 minutes and before I left for good, I tried addressing him with his title, “Dr. Jacob”. He awoke immediately and with a startle, followed by a warm smile and familiar greeting “it’s you”. We made polite small chat for a bit then I began telling him of the studies, eventually reading all three abstracts word for word. His eyes lit up, he became animated and excited as his voice grew stronger and louder “These are very important studies! How did we miss these?! These studies must be shared! Please read that again!” I promised to send the studies to his office at OHSU and since I had emailed Dr. Hoang previously, I had Stanley dictate a message of congratulations and encouragement before I left. After a good 45 minutes of intense conversation about DMSO Stanley had peacefully drifted back to sleep and I tiptoed out of the room, stopping only to look back at the man who had inspired me so greatly with his dedication and vision.

Dr. Stanley Jacob, the future thanks you for your contribution.

Do you want to learn more about DMSO and its many uses? Schedule a telephone visit at

Abstract - Palliative treatment for advanced biliary adenocarcinomas with combination dimethyl sulfoxide-sodium bicarbonate infusion and S-adenosyl-L-methionine.

Abstract - Dimethyl sulfoxide-sodium bicarbonate infusion for palliative care and pain relief in patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

Abstract - Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Sodium Bicarbonate in the Treatment of Refractory Cancer.

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