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Get Pain Relief FAST with TPI

What is a Trigger Point?

Most people are painfully impacted by trigger point pains.  A trigger point is a hyperirritable, focused area of chronic muscle and fascial tension. Muscles form trigger points over time becoming chronically contracted often trying to protect areas of chronic overuse, stress and injury. Blood flow, oxygenation and elimination of cellular wastes are impaired leading the muscle and connective tissues to eventually actually scar and even calcify. Trigger points become dysfunctional, immobile and constant sources of pain.

What are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger Point Injections (TPI) provide precision targeted injections to relieve pain, inflammation and scar tissue formation. Over many years, Dr. Griffith has perfected his techniques and original TPI formula using a mixture of sterile pharmaceutical grade salt water, anesthetic and DMSO. The use of saline and anesthetic for TPI has a long history demonstrating it to be a safe and effective method to relieve various pain syndromes. Using his original synergistic formula Dr. Griffith has had astoundingly successful outcomes with the following:  

  • Arm & Shoulder Pain

  • Back & Hip Pain

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Leg & Foot Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Piriformis Syndrome & Sciatica Pain

 Trigger Point Injections with DMSO

The addition of DMSO to TPI has allowed many patients to avoid dependence on pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, steroid injections and even surgeries. DMSO has extensive research showing its ability to reduce inflammation, scar tissue, swelling, and pain while increasing circulation.


DMSO is also is known for its ability to keep cells alive and functional under stressful conditions and lack of oxygen. Dr. Griffith has used DMSO with excellent effect and safety for many years and never ceases to be amazed by its success in treatment of conditions which typically require invasive measures or have no treatment options at all.

How Often Will I Need to Be Seen For a TPI?

Dr. Griffith recommends patients start with a series of four Trigger Point Injections. In a series, patients are typically seen one time per week for four weeks. This will allow a fair trial for the treatment to make notable impact. Results are typically noticed with the first visit and continued improvement with subsequent visits. After a trial of four TPI,  the patient is typically seen on an as needed basis for maintenance injections. 


If you suffer from chronic pain and have little relief, give Dr. Griffith's trigger point injections a try. Dr. Griffith performs all consultations and injections himself and he looks forward to helping you become pain free soon! 

Trusted     Safe     Effective

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