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Intravenous High Dose Vitamin C (HDVC) and
It's Amazing Benefits

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is depleted by chronic disease, aging, stress and trauma, low fruit and vegetable intake, prescription drugs, smoking, alcoholism, and cancer.


Studies consistently show that patients with low Vitamin C levels have worse outcomes. Intravenous (IV) High Dose Vitamin C (HDVC) infuses quantities over 20 times higher than what can be achieved through oral supplementation, providing major impact against disease and benefits to health.


As a critical free radical scavenger, Vitamin C neutralizes their oxidative harm (rust) that amplifies the effects of inflammation, infections, tissue and cell damage, and toxin accumulation. Oxidative destruction promotes the progression of the top killers such as: cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and aging in general. Vitamin C strengthens and supports the entire body in a holistic and synergistic fashion to defy this degenerative momentum.


Vitamin C reinforces and repairs the connective tissues that penetrate the entire body by accelerating the healing process, decreasing inflammation and improving blood vessel function. With improved vascular health, the entire body benefits: circulation, nutrient and oxygen delivery, elimination of toxins, neutralization and elimination of oxidative free radicals and cellular waste products all become more efficient.


The immune system requires Vitamin C to fight against infection, cancer and tissue damage. At high doses, Vitamin C provides a pro-oxidant boost that catalyzes white cells into aggressive response against these menaces. It then helps to speed recovery by maximizing the body’s own anti-oxidant systems.


Vitamin C levels must be adequate for adrenal function to maintain energy levels for overcoming stressors. In depleted states, a patient’s fatigue will persist and the degenerative effects of stress will progressively worsen. IV Vitamin C provides a rapid resolution with repletion of Vitamin C levels, restoring the adrenal and nervous system’s ability to buffer against the ravages of stress. This in turn elevates the entire body’s vitality, bringing energy, resistance and strength back.


IV HDVC has been thoroughly documented in published clinical studies. It is well established as safe, effective and very well tolerated. These are the reasons why Dr. Griffith chooses to use it as the focal point and backbone of all his formulas.

Dr. Griffith often administers IV HDVC in conjunction with other beneficial nutrients. Please visit our IV Therapy FAQ page to learn more about the IV nutrients we offer. 

Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more!

Choose only the BEST for your IV Vitamin Needs

Dr. Griffith's priority with all IV nutrient therapy patients is safety. He feels a deep responsibility to understand the nuanced details of the IV therapies he uses in practice and his years of experience will ensure you're receiving the highest quality ingredients and most effective formulas.


Passionate about this mode of treatment, Dr. Griffith has seen IV therapies have near miraculous changes in patients when it is used judiciously and correctly. He personally administers each IV and looks forward to helping you feel better soon!

Dr. Thomas Griffith ND

Safe     Trusted     Effective

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