IV Vitamin Therapy 


What is the advantage of IV vitamin therapy?


Intravenous therapy allows for infusion of vitamins, minerals and compounds directly into circulation through the blood stream. This route provides the most potent delivery to cells by bypassing the limits of absorption through the digestive tract. This safe and powerful therapy provides support and relief for many health problems. 

What IV vitamin options does Dr. Griffith office?

Dr. Griffith is proud to offer many IV vitamin options. The following are the only ingredient options he is currently administering:

  • High Dose Vitamin C (HDVC)

  • Glutathione

  • Myers' Cocktail (HDVC, Magnesium, b complex & b12)

  • DMSO (dimethy sulfoxide - pharmaceutical grade)

  • Iron Venofer 

  • Chelator Edetate Calcium Disodium

Is IV vitamin therapy covered by insurance?


No. Our therapies are not covered by insurance at this time. 

What is the out-of-pocket cost for an IV?

Our IV therapy cost ranges from $175 to $350 per IV, depending on the ingredients being administered.


I'm a new patient. Do I need a new patient consultation visit before my IV can be scheduled?

Yes. If you are new to our practice, or if it's been more than 3 years since last seen, you will need to schedule a new patient visit. During this visit, Dr. Griffith will ask health screening questions and you will have a chance to ask questions as well. This visit can be billed to health insurance if you have a health plan that is listed on our insurance and rates page. Please note, the cost of Vital HealthCare's IV therapy  is not included with the cost of new patient or follow-up patient visits. These are separate appointments with separate charges. Please schedule your new patient appointment by clicking the "schedule on-line" button at the top of this page. 


Will I receive an IV the same day as my new patient appointment?

No. For screening safety purposes you will need to schedule your IV for another day after your new patient consultation and after the required screening labs have been reviewed by Dr. Griffith.


I'm an established patient. May I schedule an IV? 

Yes, if you have been seen within the last year and if you have general health screening labs dated within the last year. If not, you will need to schedule a follow-up visit to be screened by Dr. Griffith for IV therapy. You may also need to have blood work completed. 

Where are IVs administered?

IVs are administered in our clinic. We offer patients their own private room while receiving their IV and Dr. Griffith mixes and administers all IVs himself.

Are your IVs drip bags prepackaged and premixed or are the medications mixed at the time of my appointment?

Our IV drips are always mixed at the time of your appointment. Other clinics may use prepackaged/premixed drip bags. These formulas tend to be weak and non-effective, which is why the clinics that use them do not require a screening appointment and blood work. Prepackaged IVs may also risk contamination or infection due to long storage and shipping times.


Dr. Griffith feels deep responsibility for safety and the understanding of the nuanced details of IV therapies he uses in practice. All of the medications we order are made of the highest quality ingredients and they are ordered from a well-known, reputable pharmacy.


Which of your IV therapy ingredients are best for me?


Some patients benefit from IV therapy while recovering from a virus, undergoing cancer treatment, fighting autoimmune or chronic disease, and for support in resisting infection, pollutant exposures, fatigue, inflammation and stress. During your new patient consultation, you and the doctor will discuss which options will work best for you! 

How do I get started? 

Due to limited front desk hours, we've taken the hassle out of making an appointment by allowing you to book your own visit. Just clinic on the "Schedule Online" link at the top of this page to schedule.


Remember, if you are new to our practice (or if its been more than 3 years since your last visit) choose "New Patient Appointment". If you are a returning patient choose "Follow-up Appointment". Simply clinic on the "schedule on-line' button at the top of this page to schedule your appointment. 

Choose Only The BEST for Your IV Nutrient Needs

Dr. Griffith's priority with all IV therapy patients is safety. He feels a deep responsibility to understand the nuanced details of the IV therapies he uses in practice and his years of experience will ensure you're receiving the highest quality ingredients and most effective formulas.


Passionate about this mode of treatment, Dr. Griffith has seen IV therapies have near miraculous changes in patients when it is used judiciously and correctly. He personally administers each IV and looks forward to helping you feel better soon!

Dr. Thomas Griffith ND

Safe     Trusted     Effective