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Get Headache Relief FAST with SPG Block

People who suffer from severe chronic headaches understand how difficult it can be to get a correct diagnosis.  They often rebound between expensive specialists, tests and treatments for months or years.  The treatments often leave much to be desired, either pain medications with diminishing value and escalating dependency and side effects or perhaps surgical options without guarantees.  


Meanwhile the toll that chronic pain takes on their lives emotionally, socially and financially accumulates, and the pain becomes the only thing in life one can focus on. We see a lot of patients like this at Vital HealthCare and have success often where others do not.


We’ve been particularly effective when patients have been given a lazy diagnosis and the cause of headaches has been overlooked.  It’s amazing how many migraines are really sinus, TMJ or muscle tensions headaches! 


Dr. Griffith has extensive training to administer a technique for relieving 3 of the most challenging and gruesome headache syndromes:  Cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia and migraine.  The procedure is known as a Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block. 


It involves the insertion of a small amount of anesthetic through the nasal passages to the aggravated nerve that continually generates the pain signal.  This allows it to finally rest and reset, relieving the headache.  It may be a little uncomfortable but it is essentially pain free and can offer long lasting relief when all else has failed.   


It's a simple visit requiring only about about 20 minutes in office for long lasting relief.  After having the SPG Block, patients have reported immediate headache relief, clearer vision, light sensitivity relief, better ability to smell and an overall feeling of ease and relaxation.

Dr Griffith recommends patients start with a series of four SPG Block visits over 3-4 weeks which allows a fair trial for the treatment to make notable impact. Results are typically noticed with the first visit and continued improvement with subsequent visits. After a trial of four SPG Blocks the patient is typically seen on an as needed basis for maintenance injections.  

But don't take our word for it, do yourself a favor and schedule your appointment today! 

Safe     Trusted     Effective

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